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Giving you access to hand-picked innovative solutions (services and tools) to improve your competitive position.


We advise you on the most suitable innovative solutions to enable successful digital transformation

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we dont catch up, we’re in trouble.”

Ian Schafer

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Customer voices

  • „Martin Morawetz has a very good overview of the service provider sector and is a reliable and engaged specialist when it comes to finding optimal service solutions to entrepreneurial problems.
    With his longstanding, broad experience, his network and his personality, he is a good sparring when we're specifying, evaluating and executing projects with external service providers.“

    Stefan Meier-Deus, CFO, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG

  • „Over the several years we have been working with Martin Morawetz we have found him to be a competent partner with great expertise and experience in the deployment of external service providers. He is highly skilled when it comes to searching for and finding specific solutions and developing new ideas through of innovative solutions − some of them unfamiliar, but always tried and tested. We especially appreciate the way he takes time to understand our challenges in detail so that he can propose solutions tailored to our company and our requirements.“

    Michael Pohle, Head of Corporate Development, BLS

Our business proposition


More than ever business is in constant flux, with the old permanently giving way to the new. Digital transformation, globalization, transparency, regulation, and ever-changing customer needs are the typical components of the complex challenges you face.

In this dynamic environment you have to be able to react quickly, be flexible, and anticipate trends. It’s often small, innovative companies that are best able to anticipate new developments and deliver creative solutions to meet changing customer needs. The challenge for our clients lies in getting access to the right innovative solution at the right moment.

What are the relevant solutions for our business? How can I be sure I’m not missing out on game-changing innovations? What solutions exist for the specific challenges I face?

solution broker is the trusted partner for clients who are open for innovative solutions. We give you access to hand-picked, game-changing solutions provided by motivated, professional partners who will work with you personally to bring your organization a step ahead.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Martin Morawetz, Owner


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