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  • Data aggregation processes: a survey, a taxonomy,

    2018-11-16 · We have analyzed the features of the PTM aggregation process and the ApplicationTrace aggregation process in HAT based on our taxonomy. The diagram of the PTM aggregation process created using DAPComposer is presented in Fig. 7. Triggered by computing events, this process pulls raw data from the local buffer of the hardware, and aggregates them using an encoding function to form an aggregated trace

  • Agglomeration an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Aggregation is a well-known process in liquid–liquid extraction. At extraction of metals or acids into immiscible organic compounds, the solvent stoichiometry of extracting species changes as loading increases. This process is described as aggregation. The simplest and most clearly defined aggregates are carboxylic acid dimers.

  • (PDF) Mixing as an Aggregation Process

    2002-1-1 · The process of mixing two liquids to the molecular level is extremely complex, even under conditions of laminar motion, and takes on additional complexity when the liquids react chemically.

  • Protein aggregation why it matters, and how to

    2019-2-4 · There is no shortage of techniques for studying protein aggregation, whether you are detecting the presence of aggregates, or following the aggregation process. Often, the first time aggregates are detected are when they are visible in solution to the naked eye, either as precipitates or just a cloudy solution, but there are a host of other techniques that are more reliable and sensitive.

  • Aggregation Rate an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    In this case the aggregation process occurs as soon as two particles meet during a random collision. The tendency for irreversible aggregation, flocculation, becomes even more marked and occurs at lower critical ionic strengths when the surface potential of the particles is reduced (

  • Gelation process visualized by aggregation-induced

    An aggregation model is introduced based on the principles that N freely diffusing monomers stick together to form a cluster when they touch, the motion of clusters is directed, and limited by the

  • Aggregates in monoclonal antibody manufacturing

    The phenomenon of protein aggregation is a common issue that compromises the quality, safety, and efficacy of antibodies and can happen at different steps of the manufacturing process, including fermentation, purification, final formulation, and storage.

  • Coarse-Grained Models for Protein Aggregation

    2011-3-29 · The aggregation of soluble proteins into fibrillar species is complex process, that spans many lengths and time scales, and that involves the formation of numerous on and off-pathway intermediate species. Despite this complexity, several elements underlying the aggregation process appear to be universal. The kinetics typically follow a nucleation-

  • Colloidal Aggregation Coupled with Sedimentation: A

    2016-4-19 · Finally, when plotting the cluster size distribution N s (t) as a function of s for different times during the aggregation process, it was seen a widening of this curve

  • 《DFANet: Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Time

    2019-4-25 · From another perspective, sub-network aggregation can be seen as a coarse-to-fine process for pixel classification. Sub-stage aggregation assembles feature representation between corresponding stages through ”coarse” part and ”fine” part.

  • Gelation process visualized by aggregation-induced

    [12][13][14] For example, small molecular aggregation process, macromolecule cononsolvency effect, polymer glass transition and gelation process are successfully real-time visualized in situ by

  • Coarse-Grained Models for Protein Aggregation

    2011-3-29 · of disordered oligomers early in the aggregation process was also seen in the simulations of Hall and co-workers using the more sophisticated PRIME model (Figure 1f) [63,71,72]. Simulations of several polyalanine peptides, initiated from random dissociated states showed initial formation of small amorphous aggregates, which then

  • Protein aggregation why it matters, and how to

    2019-2-4 · Protein aggregation why it matters, and how to study it. Protein aggregation is often seen as an unwanted interaction between protein monomers. Yet a growing field of research is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of this phenomenon, which can be useful, functional or unwanted.

  • Protein Aggregation in the Brain: The Molecular Basis

    2008-3-18 · Protein aggregation is a common feature of many neurodegenerative diseases, and it is assumed that the aggregation process plays a central role in pathogenesis. In this process, one molecule (monomer) of a soluble protein interacts with other monomers of the same protein to form dimers, oligomers, and polymers.

  • document 10.txt In order to create and maintain a

    In order to create and maintain a high-functioning and prosperous society the process of aggregation is widely seen as a basic necessity. Within the scope of political economy, aggregation is an important process which creates cohesion by combining competing viewpoints and preferences in both the political and economic realms. Through the lens of methodological individualism, this essay will

  • DFANet: Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Time

    2019-6-10 · Sub-network aggregation focuses on upsampling the high-level feature maps of the previous backbone to the input of the next backbone to refine the prediction result. From an-other perspective, sub-network aggregation can be seen as a coarse-to-fine process for pixel classification. Sub-stage aggregation assembles feature representation

  • Aggregation Pipeline Tutorial

    The aggregation pipeline is a framework for data aggregation modeled on the concept of data processing pipelines. Documents enter a multi-stage pipeline that transforms the documents into an aggregated results. expressions are stateless and are only evaluated when seen by the aggregation process with one exception: accumulator expressions

  • Multi Instance Variable Aggregation Flowable Blog

    2021-2-16 · Now that we have seen the process we will run it and go through each task to show the variables that it will create. We’ll skip the details of defining the forms used as there’s nothing special there, just collecting values that become process variables used in the aggregation.

  • Observing Convective Aggregation SpringerLink

    2017-6-28 · Convective self-aggregation, the spontaneous organization of initially scattered convection into isolated convective clusters despite spatially homogeneous boundary conditions and forcing, was first recognized and studied in idealized numerical simulations. While there is a rich history of observational work on convective clustering and organization, there have been only a few studies that

  • On the Methodological Framework of Composite

    2018-1-17 · In recent times, composite indicators have gained astounding popularity in a wide variety of research areas. Their adoption by global institutions has further captured the attention of the media and policymakers around the globe, and their number of applications has surged ever since. This increase in their popularity has solicited a plethora of methodological contributions in response to the

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