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  • Patent Report: US9885417 Piston ring

    2019-6-13 · Further, Patent Literature 3 describes a method for forming a surface coating which includes a heat resistant resin containing a copper powder on the side face of a piston ring. In Patent Literature 3, the wear resistance is imparted to the surface coating formed on the surface of the piston ring by addition of the copper powder, and accordingly the lubricity due to the heat resistant resin can be exerted over

  • CN1128926C Piston ring Google Patents

    The related invention of claim 1 is a kind of piston ring, is that alloy constitutes piston ring body by Fe-Cr-Co, forms nitride layer on the outer circumferential face of piston ring body, is...


    This invention relates generally to piston rings for internal combustion engines and more particularly to a piston ring having an improved bearing surface and a method of forming the same. Plating the bearing surface of a piston ring with hard chromium is known to offer several advantages.

  • US5001965A Piston and piston ring Google Patents

    The piston and piston ring comprise an annular piston ring groove having two radially extending walls and an axially extending wall; a compression ring received in the piston ring groove for...

  • US6325385B1 Piston ring Google Patents

    1998-10-15 Priority to JP30944298A priority patent/JP2000120870A/en 1999-07-13 Application filed by Teikoku Piston Ring Co Ltd filed Critical Teikoku Piston Ring Co Ltd 1999-07-13 Assigned to...

  • US Patent for Compression oil control piston ring

    2017-5-22 · This problem is solved by a piston ring according to the invention, the outer running face of which is divided into regions which extend around in the circumferential direction over different axial height regions of the running face: an upper running face region on the combustion chamber side, a lower running face region on the crankcase side, and a middle running face region between the upper and

  • US Patent for Piston ring for internal combustion

    2018-6-29 · Justia Patents Drive Train US Patent for Piston ring for internal combustion engine Patent (Patent # D 881,958) Piston ring for internal combustion engine Jun 29, 2018 SAMYOUNG MACHINERY CO., LTD.

  • Piston ring Borgo-Nova S.p.A.

    The present invention relates to a piston ring and particularly to an oil-control ring for an internal combustion engine or compressor which comprises pistons reciprocating in an associated cylinder. Oil-control or oil scraper rings, as they are otherwise known, are used on pistons in engines to prevent or limit the passage of oil into the combustion chamber and so prevent excessive oil consumption.


    The invention having thus been described, I claim: A piston ring comprising an annular member having an axis, the cross section of said member having a radial dimension on the order of twice its axial dimension, said member having an external face entirely out of parallel with the axis and having inwardly converging upper and lower sides, the angular relationship between said face and said sides being nearer to perpendicular at the upper side than at the lower side

  • US6176492B1 Piston ring for shock absorber

    This invention is adapted to be embodied in a piston sealing arrangement for a shock absorber having a hydraulic cylinder in which a piston is slidably supported. The piston is provided with a...

  • LSU ME Professor Receives Patent on Piston Ring

    2020-4-28 · LSU ME Professor Receives Patent on Piston Ring Friction Reduction. April 28, 2020. BATON ROUGE, LA LSU Mechanical Engineering Professor and LSU Center for Rotating Machinery Director Michael Khonsari recently received approval on a patent that will reduce the friction of piston rings, therefore, increasing energy savings.

  • Piston ring or assembly

    专利标题: Piston ring or assembly 专利标题(中): 活塞环或组装 申请号: US57784222 申请日: 1922-07-27 公开(公告)号: US1682477A 公开(公告)日: 1928-08-28 发明人: BROCKWAY CARL P 申请人: IND RES CORP 专利权人:

  • Piston patent Etsy

    Car Piston Ring Patent Print, 1914 Chevrolet Engine Design, American Car Art, Garage Mechanic Gift, Engine Poster, INSTANT DOWNLOAD DECORAFIX. 5 out of 5 stars (80) Sale Price $4.21 $ 4.21 $ 4.95 Original Price $4.95" (15% off) Favorite Add to

  • (Piston ring) Yizheng Shuanghuan another technology

    Recently, Yizheng Shuanghuan another process technology "a piston ring surface of the multi-layer composite hard PVD coating, piston rings and the preparation process" was awarded the national invention patents, authorized patent number: ZL201410043806.9.

  • Ring patent Etsy

    Piston Ring Patent Poster, Car Part Art, Model T, Engine Art, Mechanic Gift, Automotive Decor, PP0846 PatentPrints. From shop PatentPrints. 5 out of 5 stars (16,897) 16,897 reviews $ 11.49 FREE shipping Favorite Add to More colors 1944 Diamond Engagement Ring Patent Print Ornamental Cut Diamond Patent Print Jewelry Poster -Jewelry Store

  • (PDF) Advances in Piston Rings Modelling and Design

    circular piston ring wo uld conform t o a var ying degree to bore surface as a problem of ph ysical scale, wh ich is also affected b y ring elasticity, r ing tension and g as pressure .

  • Henry Ford Piston Ring Canvas Print Patent Earth

    Henry Ford Piston Ring Canvas Print featuring artwork from the Henry Ford Piston Ring patent published in 1924. Printed on a satin finish c...

  • Henry Ford Piston Ring Poster Print Patent Earth

    Henry Ford Piston Ring Poster featuring artwork from the Henry Ford Piston Ring patent published in 1924. Printed on thick, durable heavy s...

  • Patent Report: US9869269 Piston for an internal

    2019-6-13 · 1. A piston for an internal combustion engine, comprising: a piston head and a piston skirt together defining a reciprocating axis; the piston head including a piston crown, an encircling fire land, an encircling ring belt including a plurality of ring grooves, and an encircling cooling duct disposed radially inwards from the encircling ring belt with respect to the reciprocating axis, the

  • Piston Ring Manufacturer C.T.I. Traffic Industries Co.,

    C.T.I. Traffic Industries Co., Ltd, established in 1973, is an innovative and creative Engine Parts Manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. It produces Piston Rings, Oil Rings, Installers of Piston Rings, and also supplies Piston kits, Engine Valves, Oil Seals, Valve Seals, Engine Gasket components, and Automotive Timing Kits in the global vehicle aftermarket.

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