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  • Textile Dyeing Machinery SlideShare

    24/03/2014· A Jig Dyeing machine, is an efficient dyeing technique. It is also known by the name of jigger. Jig Dyeing machine processes fabrics in open width to avoid creasing problems in fabric dyeing. The process works like this. The Jig Dyeing machine

  • Dyeing & Finishing Technology Update Textile World

    30/09/2020· The Smartflow TSF high temperature dyeing machine was designed to achieve low energy and water consumption rates compared to other jet dyeing machines. According to the company, for a full load of up to 300 kg, liquor ratios of 1:3.5 for cotton and 1:2.5 for man-made fabrics may be achieved. The fabric transport design is just one feature of the machine that is patent-pending. Then reports this

  • Types of Fabric Dyeing Machines: Working Principal

    15/08/2015· The jig/jigger is one of the oldest type of machine for dyeing woven fabrics which must not be creased during dyeing, e.g. most taffetas, satins, poplins, ducks & suiting. It’s not suitable to dye knit fabrics as high tension is exerted on the fabric. The machine operates with low material to

  • Different Types of Dyeing Machines TextileTuts

    28/09/2020· Jigger Dyeing Machine. Features. In this type of dyeing machine, the fabric is dyed mainly with two rollers. One roller let off the fabric and passes through the dye liquor, and at last, a take-up roller wounds the fabric. Application. Mainly used for woven fabrics

  • Dyeing Machine an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Some hank dyeing machines and particularly fabric dyeing machines fall into this category of dyeing machine. Fabric dyeing was traditionally carried out on a winch, whereby the fabric was drawn in rope form through the dyebath via a driven winch reel, the speed of which could be adjusted depending on the fabric length and construction. However, these have been largely superseded by pressurised jet dyeing machines. These machines


    INTRODUCTION dyeing machine [8],designed an automatic temperature A traditional TudungSaji is a food cover which control (ATC) system to arise the stability of laser diode mostly used by the Malays to cover their foods. (LD) [9],the design and implementation of digital Nowadays, the usage of TudungSaji is used to prevent temperature measurement and automatic control system food from the flies and rat.

  • Air flow dyeing machine SlideShare

    15/03/2014· THEN-AIRFLOW® Dyeing Machine The researchers at THEN had already predicted the situation of increasing scarcity of usable water as far back as the 1970s, when they began developing a jet dyeing system that would dramatically save water. The basic idea was to use dye liquor for the sole purpose of dyeing the fabric, and not to waste copious amounts of it, to simply move the fabric through the kier. They achieved this by harnessing the air inside the dyeing

  • Garments Dyeing: Process, Machines, Advantages and

    18/11/2020· In this machine all the dyeing parameters are to be pre-programmed in the monitor after loading the machine with the garments to be dyed. Important informations to be given input are, for example, processing time, processing temperature, processing speed, etc, which will be maintained by the machine automatically without any manual effort or even manual attention. In this machine upto

  • Textile Engineering Project Topics Online Textile Academy

    27/09/2017· Design, development and fabrication of silk fabric dyeing machine. Development of an information package for unorganised small scale textile sectors. Development of solar energy assisted silk cocoon stifling system. Development of stop motions to sectional warping machine. Electronic thread breakage and efficiency indicator on silk loom.

  • Danitech Dyeing & Finishing Machinery

    The Danitech project offers the first real integrated solution for laboratory, sampling and production with the aim of obtaining the complete perfect inter-machines reproducibility, the use of a single recipe and single process with the consequent result of the “right first time”. STUART. Laboratory. Laboratory machine with nominal loading capacity from 5 to 10 kilos. Final liquor ratio

  • Cubotex Vertical system model RVS (for loose fiber dyeing)

    We have realized complete turn-key projects for loose fibre dyeing following our customers from the pressing equipment to the final baling press. The fibre cake dimension is the most important parameter for a proper design of a complete project.

  • Danitech Dyeing & Finishing Machinery

    The Danitech project offers the first real integrated solution for laboratory, sampling and production with the aim of obtaining the complete perfect inter-machines reproducibility, the use of a single recipe and single process with the consequent result of the “right first time”.

  • Cubotex Vertical system model RVS (for tow dyeing)

    We have realized complete turn-key projects for acrylic tow dyeing following our customers from the pressing equipment up to the final baling press. The tow cake dimensions and the proper dimensioning of the circulation pump are the most important aspects in the design of a tow dyeing machine. Our system allows to have the highest efficiency in tow to tops department which is the only and real parameter to evaluate the entire tow dyeing

  • Yarn dyeing machine SlideShare

    15/03/2014· •Fabric dyeing machine •Check the main pump oil level. •Check all bearings, seals, and gaskets. •Check all mechanical seal flush. pipes. •Discharge the water from air filter. •Check all m/c flang & platform bolts. •Grease RCR rotary joints every 2 weekly •Clean & check the control panel. •Check the adjustment of catch basket mechanism and plaiter system. Dyeing machine maintenance

  • Optimum design of the injection nozzle system of a

    11/02/2014· A jigger dyeing machine is used to dye fabric across the width, which enables the fabric to be passed back and forth in a perfect dyeing bath. A three-drive jigger dyeing machine contains an injection nozzle system. The flowfield inside the injection nozzle system was computed using ANSYS CFX software and was evaluated by mass flow rate, velocity, and pressure. The injection nozzle

  • Fabric Dyeing Machine Manufacturer, Lab Dyeing

    Thanks to their low maintenance level and easy operation characteristic, the user can keep working with these machines for prolonged periods of time. The precisely designed equipment we provide not only have unique finishing, but they also allow us to meet bulk orders in an efficient manner. Offering the equipment at is capable of meeting the expectations of the users. Supported by a trusted packaging

  • Patsy Thompson Designs, Ltd. » Fabric Dyeing

    The block above is a 35 inch square machine embroidery applique block created on my embroidery machine over many days last week. It is appliqued/embroidered on a piece of hand-dyed cotton sateen that has been sitting in a drawer for a few years, just waiting for the right design. I love, love, love the rich, saturated colors here and the way they bleed into one another. This kind of fabric dyeing is

  • Welcome to Lisky Lisky Tech

    Lisky Technology (BD) Ltd. deals with Textile-Knit-Dying & Finishing Projects with 20 years Experience. Lisky is the manufacturer and supplier of "LISKY" Brand Circular Knitting & Flat Knitting Machine having plants in Taiwan. Lisky has always been taking big steps for successful innovation of new technologies for customer's total knit composite

  • Process Flow Chart of Dyeing Textile Materials Basic

    Dyeing process for different textile materials could be different but its basic idea is same for all. For all types of dyeing pre-treatment is must for removing unwanted materials from textile materials. Pre-treatment style differs for the shade of dyed materials. Shade may be light or deep. Also these pre-treatment depends on buyer’s requirement. After pre-treatment textile materials are ready for dyeing. After dyeing


    AKH KNITTING & DYEING LTD., (A 100% Export Oriented Composite Knit Factory) 2: Estimated Project Value: 9.0 Million US $ 3: Factory Location: 92, Phulbaria, Tetuljhora, Savar, Dhaka. Bangladesh: 4: Head Office : 133-134, Hamayetpur, Savar, Dhaka. Bangladesh. Fax: (880)-2-8155640–41. Phone : (880)-2-7744001-8, (880)-2-7741830-31. 5: Telephone Fact.:

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